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INSET Training

If you are looking for informative, interactive, and enjoyable SEND INSET training for your school, look no further than The Sunshine Room. Our sessions are in high demand and provide a different take on the usual training sessions. 

Training Sessions

All the sessions below are available for half-day and full-day training. Sessions can be provided in-person or virtually and can also be customised to meet individual needs. 

Image by Caleb Woods

Introduction to Autism

An informative, interactive session that introduces people to autism, the main features and how to support autistic children's needs. This is a great session for new educators or for people with a limited understanding of autism. 

Image by Ashton Bingham

Introduction to SEND

A holistic look at the most common SEND needs within schools in the UK. We examine autism, ADHD and Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs and how we can adapt teaching and support to meet individual needs. 

Image by Alireza Attari

Re-framing and Demystifying Autism

This session will challenge everything you may have thought you knew about autism. It will examine the 10 biggest misconceptions and, hopefully, change your perspective on what it is like to be autistic and how we can speak more positively about autism.


Image by Vince Fleming

A Lee, Regional SEND Lead

Very clear and incredibly informative. Crucial for all professionals to consider ACE's when working with our young people. Loved the explanation of how the brain is affected. 

Happy Businesswoman

Primary Inclusion Lead

"Fantastic presentation on trauma! Really insightful, especially in current times and Liv gave very practical tips for our staff on how to effectively support children who have experienced trauma.

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