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10 Christmas Gifts for Teachers That They Really Need

The Christmas season is upon us and many parents and carers very kindly choose to buy a gift for their child's class teacher. Whilst there is obviously no obligation to do this, us teachers are always very, very grateful for anything that we may receive from parents. If you are stuck for ideas on what you could buy your child's teachers this year, here is a short list of some ideas of things we either really want or need.

Water Bottles

I actually LOVE my Stanley Cup dupe that was gifted to me by a parent - it has been a saviour in my classroom, making sure that I drink enough throughout the day and don't go home with headaches. It can often be hard to stay hydrated whilst teaching, especially if you have a very active class and you're here, there and everywhere but I only have to fill this bottle up once in the day and I'm good to go. It's also just a beautiful bottle and really fits my aesthetic. I prefer these Stanley Cup bottles, but many olf my colleagues have tumblers which are also fantastic, and can even be personalised.

Tote Bags

Who doesn't love a tote bag?! These are so helpful for just carrying everything to, from and around school but then can also be used outside of school. They are environmentally friendly, can be used for so many purposes and they look adorable!


Literally any chocolate. Tis the season to be jolly, after all! We always get so much chocolate at the end of school years, and I've never heard a teacher complain about it. We love a sweet treat, and if we have some self-control, we can keep these in our offices as a treat midway through our day. Some favourites that I have heard include boxes of Lindor, Toblerone, Vego (for the dairy free) or Guylian Seashells.


I don't know if this is just me, but I love any stationery or organisation hack. Whether it's beautiful highlighters, a pen pot, a teacher planner or even just a nice writing pen, I love it all! I know teacher planners can be a very well received gift as it helps us stay on track with our planning and notes.

Amazon Gift Card

This is an easy win and so versatile. Amazon is a second home for teacher's and rather than stress about choosing something for us and wondering whether we will like it or even use it, just get a gift card! We can then choose something on our own that we will use and trust me, gift cards go down so well!

Why You're the Best Teacher Ever

Lots of teachers say that what they want most, above gifts, are hand-written notes. But if your student finds it hard to get the words out, this journal helps them make it easy by offering fill-in-the-blanks that'll get the inspiration flowing. The class can even work on it together and make it a group gift.

Hand Cream

Being a teacher is a very hands-on job and so across the course of the year, especially in winter when you're out in the playground in the cold, our hands can take a battering. A simple hand cream collection is a great gift to keep our skin healthy and fresh, ready to get covered in glitter and pen during our lessons!


Again, I love a candle...some may even say I have a bit of an addiction. Candles can be a great gift, but I would stick to traditional scents to avoid potentially getting something that the teacher wouldn't like. Neutral colours as well. You could get a little gift set or go for one large candle, like a Yankee or Neom. Certain scents, like lavendar, are also extremely beneficial for relaxation and sleep...something we teachers need a lot of!

Plant Pots

Most teachers I know are also plant lovers, and a cute selection of pots would be a fab gift for Christmas. Even for the most unseasoned plant parent, succulents are easy to take care of, so a little selection of succulent pots would go down well! These ones in particular are nice and neutral, yet decorated and a little quirky.

Grow Your Own...

If your class teacher doesn't already have a green thumb, perhaps you could inspire them! There are plenty of great grow your own kits, including ones for bonsai trees, herbs or vegetables.

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